The Burial Place-Larry Enmon

Police procedurals are my favorite. Between watching Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and reading books with murder and or crimes, I’m basically a detective! Lol Katrina is a privileged daughter of the Dallas, Texas mayor. She is used to getting her way and when she has an argument with her parents about the boyContinue reading “The Burial Place-Larry Enmon”

Beastly Bones (#2 Jackaby series)-William Ritter

The second book in the Jackaby series, Beastly Bones picks up from where it left off. Abigail Rook attempting to maneuver around her new employer, Jackaby’s strange and sometimes other-worldly ways. When Jackaby and Abigail receive word from an old friend that a mysterious death has occurred at the site of recently found dinosaur bones,Continue reading “Beastly Bones (#2 Jackaby series)-William Ritter”

All The Beautiful Lies- Peter Swanson

I was lucky enough to read Her Every Fear by Peter Swanson when it came out last year. When I saw he had written a new novel, I freaked out and badgered William Morrow into send me an advance copy of All The Beautiful Lies. Before yesterday, Harry had a grip on life. He wasContinue reading “All The Beautiful Lies- Peter Swanson”

I Let You Go-Clare Mackintosh

I love Clare Mackintosh. I realized that I hadn’t published my review for “I Let You Go” and knew I had to get on it right away! Jenna Gray is running from her past that was left in shambles by a hit and run. But it seems as though no matter how far she runs,Continue reading “I Let You Go-Clare Mackintosh”

Blackout-Marc Elsberg

I’m one of millions that loves a “end of the world” story and the idea of a global blackout is particularly scary to me. Blackout follows several nations as they struggle to get the world back on the grid after a calculated attack which leaves the world in the dark. Blackout is 313 pages andContinue reading “Blackout-Marc Elsberg”

The Wild Inside- Jamey Bradbury

I’ve always had a fascination with Alaska and their outdoorsy and rugged way of life. Obviously that’s a generalization and Alaska has large cities but it’s the country people that I’m interested in. Especially when it comes to their dogs. The Wild Inside is a story of Tracy who has grown up with the geneContinue reading “The Wild Inside- Jamey Bradbury”

Pines-Blake Crouch

I’d only heard about the Wayward Pines TV show prior to reading this book but LOVED Dark Matter so much that I knew I’d adore pretty much anything Blake Crouch wrote. Pines did not disappoint. Wayward Pines is the perfect town, too perfect. When Secret Service agent Ethan Burke gets into a car accident whileContinue reading “Pines-Blake Crouch”

The Family Next Door-Sally Hepworth

Domestic drama!!!!! The Family Next Door follows Essie, our main character who is struggling with motherhood and her neighbors Ange, Fran and Isabelle who each have their own struggles. The problems that plague each woman have their own twisted way of coming out in this domestic drama that will leave you with your jaw open.Continue reading “The Family Next Door-Sally Hepworth”