The Legend Of Greg- Chris Rylander

I fell in love with the cover but stayed for the story. Greg is no ordinary 8th grader. He’s unlucky. Cursed, actually. When Greg sneaks a sip of a strange tea his fantastical father brought home from another country, it awakens something in him. He discovers, not without some bumps and bruises, that he isContinue reading “The Legend Of Greg- Chris Rylander”

The Book of M-Peng Shepherd

The Book of M is a post-apocalyptic story of a couple, Max and Ory, who desperately try to fight to survive in a world where almost everyone has lost their shadow. Losing your shadow makes you forget everything and everyone you love. When Max loses her shadow she makes a decision to leave Ory whileContinue reading “The Book of M-Peng Shepherd”

Never Let You Go-Chevy Stevens

Eeekkkkk domestic thrillers!!!! Lindsey barely escaped her abusive ex-husband. She made a choice to do whatever she could to save her daughter, at whatever cost. When her ex is released from jail and he wants a relationship with his daughter, things become very strange. She feels like her ex is stalking her but is sheContinue reading “Never Let You Go-Chevy Stevens”

What The Hell Did I Just Read- David Wong

Omg this book. The title perfectly reflects the plot of this story. Dave, John and Amy are… different. They have a way with supernatural/unbelievable/otherworldly creatures and situations. When a supernatural child predator is on the loose in their small town, the gang must try to defeat and destroy the creature before all of the childrenContinue reading “What The Hell Did I Just Read- David Wong”

The Mermaid Handbook-Carolyn Turgeon

Attention merpeople! Or those of you who are big fans like me! You’re going to want to grab a copy of The Mermaid Handbook asap! It’s super hard to review a book like this because it’s a collection of tales (and tails), recipes and projects. So instead of rating this like I normally would, I’mContinue reading “The Mermaid Handbook-Carolyn Turgeon”

The Gauntlet-Karuna Riazi

I’ve tried to start reading more young adult novels to expand my reading palate, if you will. I’ve read YA when I was young but I feel like it’s gotten more inventive the older I’ve gotten. Farah is a lonely girl who feels as though she has no friends because she isn’t “cool enough”. WhenContinue reading “The Gauntlet-Karuna Riazi”

The Perfect Mother-Aimee Molloy

When I heard Kerry Washington was going to be in an upcoming movie based on a book I was, naturally, pretty damn excited. The Perfect Mother follows a group of new first time moms. When baby Midas goes missing on the night the moms go out for a night on the town, all of theContinue reading “The Perfect Mother-Aimee Molloy”

Be Prepared-Vera Brosgol

When I heard about this graphic novel I was so excited. A tale of a young girl who doesn’t quite fit in, decides to have a go at summer camp. Vera is different than the other girls at her school. She is Russian, loves to draw and her single mom can’t provide everything brand newContinue reading “Be Prepared-Vera Brosgol”